Telling Tales USA

BBC World Service

In June 2018 this three part series ‘Telling Tales’ (of which this was the third part) was awarded the Silver Medal at the ‘New York Festivals International Radio programme awards for the World’s Best Radio’ in the Culture and Arts category.  

The power of ancient tales is that they cross time and space, and resonate with us all as human beings. In this three part series, “Telling Tales’, Penny Boreham explores the power of ancient stories by taking three traditional tales and juxtaposing them with contemporary experiences and issues.

The series starts with a retelling of an ancient Native American story from the Tohono O’odham Nation, whose traditional lands straddle the border between the United States and Mexico.  The story encapsulates the tribe’s close relationship with their land, plants and animals – but their ancient way of life is now under threat from President Trump’s plans to build a fortified wall across their sacred lands.

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